Carl Craig is described as a creative visionary, an electronic music icon, an esteemed Grammy-nominated composer, a world-class DJ and an ambassador for his native Detroit. Yet the common thread that runs through Craig’s broad musical canon and creative projects is a resounding fascination with futurism. The prolific producer has cultivated a unique path as an artist, entrepreneur, and civic leader, guided by his tendency toward forward thinking.

Main Artist / Performer

“My livelihood is making music that I can perform, whether I’m doing orchestral production or modular strangeness or generating club music. I don’t restrict myself,” said Craig. “I defined myself by being who I am. The ultimate self respect is when you say you’re going to do something and you go and do it to the best of your ability.”

Date : 30 Sep 2017 23:00 to 01 Oct 2017     04:00
Price: IDR 350K
Area: Kuta
Jl. Nakula Barat 18
+62 361 846 9075

Soundrenaline 2017


Indonesia’s largest music festival with the concept of collaboration between musicians and artists eventhough Soundrenaline 2017 is known only as a reliable musical performance. In the fifteenth time, Soundrenaline will be held again two days, 9 & 10 September 2017 at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Tickets are Rp 200,000 for a one-day pass and Rp 250,000 for a two-day pass.


A wide range of quality musicians, both locally and abroad will be coming back to enliven Soundrenaline 2017.

The interesting part from the event Soundrenaline is an increasingly large portion for indie music. Exactly like a year ago (2016), Glass House Effect, Neonomora, Kimokal, and Barasuara performed. So for those of you who like indie music, this is an event that should not be missed.

Not to mention the appearance of Simple Plan is so mesmerizing. Then there is The Temper Trap and Bloc Party. The appearance of a complete musician from various musical genres can provide something new for the audience.

In this year, 2017 Soundrenaline will be going into the 15th times. Wow. Yes, this event has been going on since the early 2000s and continue to draw attention from music observers.

Local artists scheduled to perform this year include Kelompok Penerbang Roket, NAIF, Sheila on 7, Payung Teduh, Tulus and Elephant Kind. (tha/kes)








Sanur Village Festival 2017

The 12th annual Sanur Village Festival 2017 (SVF 2017) held from 9-13 August 2017 will present an awakening festival by realizing, kindling and sharing the nation unity spirit with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity values.



SVF 2017 programs also place the spirit of state unity and nationalism in the form of symbols, images, and messages according this context. The public visiting SVF can hopefully become an integrated part in this awakening process.

In Sanur Village Festival there will be not only Indonesian music performance, but also Environmental Actions, marine Water Sport, Kite Festival, and other attractions that will entertain visitors while enjoying various snacks and drinks from the food bazaar.

Visit sanurvillagefestival.com/events for details.

Event Details
Event Name : Sanur Village Festival 2017
Date : Wed, 9 Aug 2017 – Sun, 13 Aug 2017
Venue Name : Various venues, Sanur
Ticket : Free & paid events



Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) is an organization running a conservation program for endangered sea turtles.
Relocate sea turtle eggs from the beach to a central hatchery to protect the eggs and increase hatching rates.

The Kuta beach Sea Turtle Conservation Program is a non profit and non government program that aims to protect sea turtles and their habitat to raise public awareness regarding on sea turtle protection. Sea turtle nesting season on Kuta Beach is from March to September each year, while hatching season is from April to October each year. They will release the baby sea turtle the day after they hatch from the nest. The early and the late in the season of baby sea turtle release will vary, thus make sure to follow their facebook profile at Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS). Its a FREE a program. Collect a Token/ticket for baby turtle release from the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center at 4pm. The Token will entitle you to release 1 baby turtle. Its FREE, donation are welcome. Number of baby turtle are limited, make sure you come before 4pm and queue for token. Everyone is invited to come and watch the turtle release. Location : Right on Kuta Beach Time : Normally gathering at 4.30pm and release at 5:00pm Open for public but children will be prioritize to release the turtle. For more information of this program, you can support them and find more detail at www.baliseaturtle.org


The Bali Kites Festival 2017

The Bali Kites Festival is a series of kiting events that take place annually between July and August (sometimes through October), notably at the start of the windy season. The kite festivals are one of Bali’s major provincial calendar highlights presenting unique cultural scenes on par with the preceding the Bali Arts Festival. The festival is slated for various dates, with main events customarily taking place along the eastern coast of Padanggalak, just north of Sanur. Main preliminary events are usually held near the end of June and confirmed following favourable weather, therefore planning ahead to witness the event is usually a last-minute deal. Hundreds of competing kite troupes gather from all over the island to pilot their traditional kites, alongside international teams with modern kites in various shapes and sizes.


What started off as a seasonal agrarian festival thanking the heavens for abundant crops and harvests, has become a competitive ground for communal ‘banjar’ youth groups who send their ‘sekaa layangan’ kite teams to participate and win prize money from sponsors. A competition is also usually held for ‘new creation’ kites, which may include detailed three-dimensional figures and unusual designs, from Hindu gods, cars and motorbikes, to mascots and brand sponsors. A gamelan orchestra accompanies each troupe, adding to the joyous spirit of the Bali Kites Festival and the drama of take-off and landing sequences.


The Balinese traditional kites are gigantic and have evolved into increasingly bombastic proportions over the years, measuring up to four metres in width and 10 metres in length. Some other versions, such as the ‘janggan’ type have impressive flowing ribbon tails often reaching 100 metres or more in length. Jointly built at the communal ‘banjar’ village halls all over Bali, skilled youths, supervised by elders, craft bamboo frameworks for weeks up to the major event. Lightweight fabrics are selected according to an agreed-upon colour scheme and some are fitted with intricately carved heads. The final results await transport – usually by truck and requiring special escort along small Balinese roads – towards the Bali Kites Festival flying grounds on Padanggalak Beach.

Don’t worry if you missed out on the main opening festival events in July. There are various competitions to witness throughout the second half of the year, which are also highlighted annually as part of the festivity. Following is the tentative line-up of 2017 Bali kite events, as announced earlier in the year by the Bali Kites Association or Pelangi (Persatuan Layang-Layang Indonesia, Bali chapter). Normally, dates may shift following favourable weather conditions:

  1. Pitik Kite Festival: 1-2 July, Pedungan, Denpasar
  2. Bali Kite Festival: 3-5 July (or 7-9 July), Padanggalak Beach, Sanur
  3. Dangin Peken Dhananjaya Cup Kite Festival: 22-23 July, Mertasari Beach, Sanur
  4. Belega Kite Competition: 18-20 September, Belega, Gianyar
  5. Pelangi Gianyar Kite Competition: 31 July – 2 August (or 8-9 August), Padanggalak Beach, Sanur
  6. Sanur Kite Competition (Sanur Village Festival): 3-6 (or 28-30) August, Mertasari Beach, Sanur
  7. Denpasar Kite Competition: 7-9 August, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur
  8. Biaung Kite Competition: 12-13 (or 14-15) August, Padanggalak Beach, Sanur
  9. Banjar Banjaran Kite Competition: 17 August, Abiansemal, Badung
  10. Klungkung Kite Competition: 17 August, Klungkung
  11. Pelangi Denpasar Kite Competition: 19-20 August, Denpasar
  12. Tanjung Kite Competition: 21-23 (or 26-27) August, Sanur



The Bali Arts Festival is a cultural treat for lucky visitors who are in Bali until mid July. The festival traditionally starts on the second Saturday of June and runs through the month of July. It is the perfect moment to witness Bali’s wealth of performing arts together with various cultural highlights from other islands in Indonesia. As one of the main highlights in Bali’s calendar of events, the annual celebration features various artworks and cultural achievements, inviting locals and international visitors to the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Centre in Denpasar where most of the daily exhibitions and art performances are focused. Continue reading


Bali Blues Festival is back in 2017!

Save your date with Blues marker on May 26th & 27th 2017, only at Peninsula Island,  Nusa Dua – Bali.

Guest stars : Gugun Blues Shelter, Sixstrings, BluesMates, Indo Guitars Hero, CrazyHorse, Sekertariat Bali Guitar Club, Indra Lesmana, SOULed OUT, SUNBURST, Jhon & Jail Story.

Get your Early Bird tickets only IDR 100.000 starts from Feb 14 – Mar 14 2017.

Ticket available on: RajaKarcis | Tokopedia | Bukalapak | KASKUS | OLX Indonesia | Eventbrite Continue reading





Bali’s Biggest Sunset Bazaar kicks off on Saturday 15th April, 5 pm through to 9 pm. No need to troll the tourist strip to find a bargain, Canggu Club’s twilight Easter Bazaar will have everything you could hope to find in homewares, leather goods, clothing, kids’ wear and tasty treats. Timed perfectly to take advantage of the cooler evening temps, it’s one stop shopping made simple. You can even enjoy a few complimentary canapés and sample a wine or two as you scan the stalls. Live music from 6 pm and a special visit from the Easter Bunny will make this free event a family affair. It wouldn’t be Easter without some sweet treats and you can choose to satisfy your sugar fix from the desserts table or join the kids and the big-eared Bunny in the Easter Egg Hunt!

More information:

Event contact:
marketing@semaracollection.com, +62 361 848 3939, www.cangguclub.com

Event Details

Event Name : Easter Bazaar at Canggu Club

Date : Sat, 15 Apr 2017

Venue Name : Canggu Club, Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu – Bali

Ticket : Free entry



Kids can get fussy when they feel bored because there is not much to do. So, where is there to go when the rain seems endless and going out to the pool or beach seems like an implausible option? Well, Bali has several fun indoor activities to keep the kids occupied. And, there are some that involve the whole family, which would surely bring a smile to everyone’s face.

upside-down-world upside-down-world-bali

Upside Down World is not an ordinary gallery. Having opened its door to the public at the beginning of this year, they have proven itself as an exciting place to visit and experience. It seems every day is a busy day for them. If you’re new to this kind of world, entering the gallery means you should adapt to the uncommon scene and get ready to have fun in this 180° rotated world.


Upside Down World Bali introduces the Living Space theme and features ten different rooms. It starts with the living room where we can find a real sofa, television, and to celebrate the festive season, a warm fireplace and Christmas tree circled with boxes of presents. The next space is the master bedroom that boasts a simple modern interior with combination of pastel colors. The other interesting rooms are the kid’s room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, and garden. A newly built pink space, for the princess of the house is displayed too. Last but not least, a Balinese style living room is also available to mark that you’re in Bali.


It is not only fun for just the kids; it is also going to be a whole new experience for each family member. Being in an unusual and out of the ordinary world stimulates creativity and gears the kids to look at things and condition from various different perspectives. Different and abnormal is not a disturbance, but unique and intriguing.


Upside Down World

Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No.762, Pemogan, Denpasar

+ 62 361 8473053





Barberbox is opening its door in Raya Kuta Intersection. A five-seater parlour, this place guarantee a quick queue, and enough drinks and a television to keep you occupied while waiting.

The 8th shop of the nationwide Barberbox franchise has great packages that are hard to refuse. For a complete bundle of consultation, haircut, wash, and massage, you only need to pay Rp. 65,000. Make that Rp. 100,000 if you also need a shave. Both of those packages come with a drink! Continue reading