Beginner Surfing Lesson in Kuta

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According to your level in surfing you will attend one of the following classes:

Beginner 1:
Learn the basic of catching waves, standing up and board control in a safe secure environment. Learn how your choice of board affects performance, essential ocean safety and much more…
You will be loosing your balance and falling off, but the time you get up will be a complete different feeling.

Beginner 2:
Surfing is not just about being able to stand up. Build on basic riding skills, develop consistency and pose. This course aims solidify foundation, work on quirks and building your surf confidence. With a strong foundation you’re set to take on the challenges of surfing proper waves head on! Develop consistency, pose & board control. Learn forehand and backhand turns along broken and peeling waves as the first step to trimming.
Pre-requisite: Provided you are able to catch small broken waves without assistance, you balance and stand relatively well and understand the basics of surfing, you can join at beginner 2 level.

Beginner 3:
You will want more! This course prepares you to deal with proper waves and open face surfing. Learn principals of timing, and take off on small green waves. Build on basic forehand and backhand turns. Perform trims along the wave. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but you will have an exciting time learning!
Pre-requisite: Choose this level if you have good board control and able to perform basic front back side turns. You are catching green waves and carving the waves face on occasion but still far from being consistent, equivalent of 2-3 years surf experience.

Free hotel transfer from Kuta,Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Sanur (Ubud, Bukit, Canggu extra charge)

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  • Learn how to surf in Kuta Beach with one of the best school in the world.
  • Get the thrill of riding small waves on easy to follow steps.
  • Request coaching in specific areas & improve quickly your surfing skills .


  • Transfer included
  • Shared activity
  • Operated by a company
  • Fixed time
  • Restroom available
  • Water included
  • Special clothing: swimsuit
  • Special equipment: suncream & camera
  • Senior friendly
  • Kids friendly
  • Insurance included
  • Certified: Surfing certificate

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