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The Reason Why Choosing Hotel Near Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one of the best beaches of  the Bali island. The beach has a white sands and good waves which are suitable for the sport of surfing.

Beach Front Bali Hotel near the beach has always been the best choice. This is because tourists come to Kuta surely wants to see the ocean from their room and just walk distance if their wants to goin to the beach. However,  there are many reasons why you should choose hotel in Kuta Beach!


Can see interesting views


Enjoy while in the morning to see the beautiful kuta beach. Ocean views is recommended for your room to see the sunset of Kuta Beach. Maharani Beach Hotel has a Ocean Views Room (subject to availability) by contact direct at info@maharanibeachhotel.com or call +62361 751 863 to book rooms with facilities that are convenient for you. For Maharani Beach Hotel is one of Bali accommodation that is located right to the kuta beach.

No need to search a vehicle when want to do activities on the beach


If you choose a beach hotel in Kuta, don’t be looking for vehicles to reach the beach. Quite a walk away, you can be up and doing various activities at Kuta Beach. Activities that you can do is surf, make tattoos, walks along the sand, sunbathing and playing the most interesting sand or take photos. There have been many couples who perpetuate their prewedding photos at Kuta Beach.

You can hire the services of an experienced photographer in Bali to take a nice photo on the Kuta Beach. A reliable photographer will point you at some romantic poses that make it truly memorable. You and your spouse certainly was satisfied with the result, and then make the moment unforgettable throughout life.

Tastefully furnished and comfortable


Most hotel in Kuta Beach provides complete and comfortable facilities. Bali Resort generally equipped restaurant with great food, spa, bar, swimming pool, and rooms with the appropriate health standards. All employees in the hotels were also very friendly who can help you in all things. If you want cheaper reserved stay, can take the package only. Maharani Beach Hotel are able to make your rest pleasant and comfortable.

More efficient

The next reason is more efficient. Because you don’t have to pay more for transportation from Bali hotel to the Kuta beach. If you want a spa, you also do not need to search for it again because it is already available in the hotel. Usually any spa prices are cheaper than you try spa outside the hotel

Had two pleasure


In addition to looking around the beach all the time, you feel relaxation massage by visiting a spa at Maharani Beach Hotel. Your body will keep fit despite the laborious activities already carried out during the holidays. In addition, couples or families you will also be pleased because of the services and facilities of the hotel available.

So, get soon Bali Accommodation reservation now in Maharani Beach Hotel with quality and reliable. Located right in kuta beach and offering ocean view room(subject to availability). Completed facilities from swimming pool, restaurant and spa will serve you with the best services. Booking before arrival in Bali, please do so via our website www.maharanibeachhotel.com in order to choose the best for the rest of your holiday.


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